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  1. andrewua

    Addon 2x Article Management System (AMS) - Hệ thống quản lý bài viết XenForo 2 2.2.9

    PLZ Update Article Management System (AMS) 2.2.11
  2. andrewua

    Addon 2x AndyB Remove signature 1.2

    Description: Removes signature below messages and conversations. Signatures can still be viewed in the members profile page. Installation: Download Andy-RemoveSignature-1.0.zip and unzip it. Copy the src/addons/Andy/RemoveSignature directory to your server. From the Admin Control Panel...
  3. andrewua

    Addon 2x AndyB Remove follow 1.2

    Description: Removes the follow function. Removes the "Follow" and "Your news feed" functions. Your members will enjoy having an easier to use forum which has less clutter. Installation: Download Andy-RemoveFollow-1.0.zip and unzip it. Copy the src/addons/Andy/RemoveFollow directory to your...
  4. andrewua

    Addon 2x AndyB Delete users 1.6

    Delete users with zero message and conversation count and no activity over 365 days. This add-on will run automatically each day via cron entry. (Example of Delete users confirmation page) (Example of Options page) Installation: Download Andy-DeleteUsers-1.2.zip and unzip it. Copy the...
  5. andrewua

    Addon 2x AndyB Title control 1.4

    Description: Provides complete thread title control. Change case, remove certain characters and more. (Example of Options page) Installation: Download Andy-TitleControl-1.3.zip and unzip it. Copy the src/addons/Andy/TitleControl directory to your server. From the Admin Control Panel Install...
  6. andrewua

    Addon 2x AndyB Approval Queue Tools 1.1

    Description: Allows mass updating of approval queue content. (Example of Approval queue tools button) (Example of Approval queue tools overlay) (Example of User group permissions) Features: All phrases start with approvalqueuetools_ for your convenience. User group permissions: You...
  7. andrewua

    Addon 2x [XFA] Core - Lõi XenForo 2 1.8.0

    [XFA] Core 1.8.1 !!
  8. andrewua

    Addon 2x [J] IPCheck (VPN/Proxy Block) 1.0.9

    So share [J] IPCheck (VPN/Proxy Block) 1.0.9
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