Cùng nhau hóng Xenforo 1.5 nào =))

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Bác nào hóng bơi vào đây nhé. Sẽ update sớm nhất nhất nhất nhất :p


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:)))), hóng, không biết có sự thay đổi đáng chú ý nào không :D
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thay đổi chắc phải đáng kể lắm, hôm trước em có đọc ở đâu hình như là responsive cả admincp nữa :D
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thay đổi chắc phải đáng kể lắm, hôm trước em có đọc ở đâu hình như là responsive cả admincp nữa :D
Responsive admin control panel
Welcome to the first Have You Seen thread for XenForo 1.5. Over the next few weeks, we'll be posting more of these to show you how the new features in XenForo 1.5 are going to work. We expect to install XenForo 1.5 on XenForo.com for initial testing by early July, with a public beta process to follow.

Today, we're going to look at the responsive admin control panel. XenForo 1.2 made the public-facing components fully responsive, supporting screen sizes from desktops and tablets of varying sizes to phones. The admin control panel remained designed solely for full-size desktop screens. If you were in a pinch and needed to make a change in the control panel on your phone, you could, but it was far from efficient as you zoomed in and out and scrolled left to right to be able to read the page.

In XenForo 1.5, we've extended the responsive framework to the entire control panel. While it's unlikely that you'll want to edit a template on your phone, it should be much easier to take other actions in the control panel when you can't get to your laptop.

Here are a few assorted screenshots of how it will look.





We've also changed the tabs on more recent mobile devices to be somewhat more compact than just one per row, but to also use space efficiently:


For add-on developers, most pages based off of forms or "filter lists" will automatically work. However, if your page is based on a layout that requires more horizontal space, you may need to make changes. For pages using data tables, this may mean hiding data or allowing the table to be scrollable, which can be done easily with some new responsive helper classes.

Keep an eye out for the next XenForo 1.5 feature reveal soon!

Miscellaneous improvements
Today we'll be talking about some smaller improvements that we have made in XF 1.5 which have been heavily requested.

Ability to disable trophies globally

The above option appears below the Trophy list in the Admin CP and in the User Options option group which makes it easy to switch off the Trophy system.

When disabled, trophies will no longer be awarded, nor will the UI display anything that mentions trophy points. The "User Title Ladder Field" will automatically switch to "Messages" if trophies are disabled.

No "Most Points" tab on the Notable Members page.

No Trophy Points stat on the visitor panel...

...or the member card.

Threads with the latest posts in the sidebar
In XenForo 1.4 we introduced the "New Profile Posts" sidebar block, this time around we're introducing something very similar in the form of a "New Posts" block:

You can control the number of threads shown in the list with this (Node & Forum List) option:

Setting it to 5 would display the 5 threads which have most recently been posted in ordered by last post date. Of course, should you not want to display this block, you can set this value to 0.

Clicking the thread title will take you to the first unread post in the thread. Clicking the date will take you to the latest post in the thread.

Independent language selector for the Admin CP
Should your forum have multiple languages installed, your admins will now be able to independently choose which language should be used in the Admin CP:

The current language is displayed in the footer and clicking on the language name opens the language selector:

Changing the language in the front end doesn't affect the choice you made in the back end and vice versa, though you can quickly revert to forum default by clicking "Use forum language preference".

Resend a user's email confirmation from the Admin CP
From the User edit page in the Admin CP if a user is awaiting email confirmation then you can resend that confirmation to them:


Once resent, any previous confirmation emails will become invalid and only the new one they receive will work. The user can already do this themselves from the front end but sometimes it is useful for us to be able to do it on their behalf.

Additional Moderator Log logging

We now log a couple of additional actions in the Moderator Log. Specifically when a user is spam cleaned or when a user is warned.

Bulk add-on toggle
When things go wrong, a common troubleshooting step is to disable all add-ons. Up until now this has been done one of two ways. Either you disable each add-on one by one, or you disable event listeners in config.php.

Both methods are usually effective but disabling each add-on manually can take time and disabling event listeners doesn't actually disable things like template modifications.

So, we've added a Disable All Add-Ons button to the Add-on List:

Notice that at least one add-on is already disabled, so when we click Disable All Add-ons we can disable the rest of them:

When we do this we cache the list of add-ons which are currently enabled. This gives us the ability to be able to only re-enable the list of add-ons which were not already disabled (these are checked by default):

That's all for today. Still plenty more to show though, so until next time... :)

Just a reminder: Please do not post suggestions in this thread (even if you feel they are related). Use the dedicated suggestion forum so they can be tracked; suggestions made in this thread are unlikely to be implemented.

Profile post comment improvements

Compared to profile posts themselves, profile post comments have been missing tools for user interaction and moderator management. XenForo 1.5 sorts this by adding an array of new, but familiar, functionality to profile post comments.

This screenshot should give you a good idea of some of the changes :)


Ability to like profile post comments
This is actually specifically one of the most popular suggestions and is pretty self explanatory. Profile post comments now support the like system.

Of course if someone likes your comment, you get an alert just as you would expect:


And we have also added support for comments appearing in the News Feed / Recent Activity:


Soft deleting profile post comments
Until now the only way to remove profile post comments is to permanently delete it. In XenForo 1.5 we are bringing the ability to soft delete comments in the same way you can soft delete profile posts and other content:



Ability to search profile post comments
Profile post comments are now indexed and are searchable from the global "Everything" search or from the Search Profile Posts tab on the search page:


If you decide to search for profile post comments, you will see these alongside the results for profile posts.


After XenForo 1.5 is installed, we will begin to index any new profile post comments. Remember to rebuild the search index to have your existing comments indexed too.

Other improvements
As I'm sure you would expect, we have now also implemented the remaining content-based controls that you see on most other content types:


Here's a summary:

    • Comments can now be reported
    • They can be undeleted (if soft deleted)
    • They can be approved/unapproved
    • Profile post comments have always been subject to spam checks, but now they have support for the moderation queue rather than blocked completely.
    • Moderator actions on profile post comments are now logged in the Moderator Log
    • Warnings can be issued on comments
    • And you can trigger the spam cleaner from a comment and the comments can be soft deleted (and restored) via the spam clean process.
That concludes what we have to show you in terms of improvements for profile post comments. We are excited to show you even more stuff next week!

Dự là bản 1.5 này sẽ có khoảng 4->5 tính năng của add ons trả phí vào luôn. Tính năng comments được nâng cấp quá ngon luôn.



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