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Posts interface:

Hover over anywhere on a post and the ratings bar will subtly fade into view (always visible on mobile devices) helping to reduce UI clutter:


Note that the ratings themselves can be entirely customised - read on for more :)

Since the above gif was recorded, new tooltips have been added:

Ratings list becomes more concise by hiding removing the rating names when a large variety of ratings have been applied to a post:


If a post does not already have ratings no solid bar is displayed until it has been rated, to further promote a clean interface:


Both forward and backwards compatible with XenForo's built in likes - legacy posts will have Like ratings displayed (by default) and new Like ratings are passed back to XenForo to handle as actual likes (again by default):

'List' links to overlay displaying who has rated the post:

This list can easily scale to large numbers of ratings on a single post without breaking the clean design:

Users with the appropriate permission can delete any user's rating from the rating list view: (The X button is displayed on hover of each section to reduce clutter)

If you wish you can choose to have messages with more than x negative ratings 'soft hidden'. A user does not need any special permissions in order to use 'Show message'; it is a purely cosmetic effect.

Integration with XenPorta's Article comment system is included:

Optional (via style property) total ratings received display on postbit:

And an alternative way of displaying total ratings received on postbit (via style property):

Compatible XF Versions:
  • 1.2
  • 1.3
  • 1.4
  • 1.5
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And an alternative way of displaying total ratings received on postbit (via style property):

Cái này chỉnh ở đâu vậy bác ? tìm trong style properties không thấy

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