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    1. Code
    Display HTML/JavaScript ads such as affiliate banners, Amazon product widgets, Adsense, etc. This ad type also supports PHP callback to generate your own custom code.

    2. Banners
    Display banner ads that you can upload directly or from an external source. You can use multiple images to rotate randomly on each page load.

    3. Text
    Display text ads with custom title, description and optionally a banner image.

    4. Links
    Display link ads with custom title. You can use it to build link lists in the forum sidebar or display horizontal links in other places.

    5. Keywords
    Transform text keywords in thread posts, conversation posts (optionally), profile posts (optionally) into links with a tooltip description (optionally). As admin you can use it without link and can also add inline CSS to style the keywords as you want.

    6. Affiliate Links
    Convert links to affiliate links using 4 link building methods. Optionally you can replace the link anchor text with a custom text. You can also hide the affiliate URL when hovering over the link.

    7. Sticky Threads
    Create/sell sticky threads in the forums you want.

    8. Featured Resources
    Create/sell featured resources in the categories you want.

    9. Popup
    Display popup ads in 3 ways: XenForo overlay with title and content, custom popup code and popup window with custom window features.

    10. Background
    Display a background image as an ad with clickable left and right parts of the image. If you provide multiple background images, they will rotate randomly on each page load.

    Popup and background ads can be controlled how often they show up and after how many seconds to display. You can even hide them after x seconds of display.

    Code, banner (Custom HTML), text and popup ads support XF template syntax.

    There are over 90 default positions and 30+ of those are predefined dynamic positions that allows you to display ads between thread posts, conversation posts, profile posts, media items, resources and more.

    With Ads Manager you can:
    1. Display ads individually, grouped or in rotation
    2. Display the same ad(s) on multiple position(s) at the same time
    3. Rotate multiple ads in any of the 11 available orders
    4. View detailed statistics for each ad (general, daily, click and Google Analytics statistics)
    5. Manage multiple ads at the same time
    6. Display/hide ads after x seconds
    7. Display ads every x hours
    8. Choose who will see the ads, where and when
    9. Create custom positions and use them in any template or widget you want
    10. Embed ads on pages outside of XenForo on any domain
    11. Automate the ad selling process using packages
    12. Sell ads per day, week, month, year, CPM or CPC
    13. Use backup ads when there are no active paid ads
    14. Globally hide ads from certain threads or pages such as login, register, etc
    15. Enable advertiser page where all active ads are displayed
    16. Add advertisers to custom user groups
    17. Use XF template syntax to include templates and widgets in ads
    Use Position Criteria to display ads based on thread title, author, tag, prefix and more.
    Use Device Criteria to target certain devices based on type and model, platform and browser.
    Use Geo Criteria to target/block specific countries.

    Has a built in click fraud protection for third-party ads such as AdSense that allows you to hide the ad after it has been clicked x times by the same visitor.

    Has a built in AdBlock detector with option to display a backup ad, a message or force users to disable it.
    Images in banner and text ads are loaded using the lazy load method,

    When selling ads, you can offer promo codes and discounts based on the purchase value and length.
    When selling keyword ads, you can set premium keywords with a higher price and also give advertisers the option to opt in for "exclusive keyword use" for an extra fee.
    When selling sticky threads you can set different prices for each forum.
    When selling featured resources you can set different prices for each category.

    Views/impressions and clicks from the same user can be set to count every time or every x hours.
    You can set to count views/impressions when the ad loads or when the ad is visible on the screen.
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    Ơ ko thấy link down à :D
    Mới reg account bên forum của bác, cho em xin cái VIP đi bác :D

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