Brivium - Extra Navigation Menu 1.1.7


You want to add an extra tab on XenForo bar and manage all the tabs?
Use "Extra Navigation Menu" nowadays to create your desired site/forum.

The main function of this add-on is allowing users to add an extra navigation menu on the top of page and you could even manage all the tabs displayed on the menu bar. Besides, you could change and choose to display any tabs (Home, Forums, Resources, Menus). We support you 7 positions to add extra tabs (Home, middle, end).

- Ability to enable/disable Home, Forums, Resources, Members Tabs.
- Ability to manage (list, add, remove, edit, enable, disable) extra navigation menu.
- Ability to manage (list, remove, edit, enable, disable) 3rd party addons' navigation.
- Supports 7 positions to add extra navigation:
++ Navigation tab (Home, Middle, End)
++ Visitor navigation tab (Home, Middle, End)
++ Footer menu
- Ability to add an image icon to the tabs. (icon's size optionable)
- Ability to add rel attribute "nofollow" "dofollow" to the tabs.
- Ability to add target="_blank" "_self" "_parent" "_top" to the tabs.
- Ability to set usergroups allowed/not allowed on see individual tabs.
- Ability to have dropdown tabs pop open on hover (support HTML).
- Ability to toggle active status for tabs.
- Ability to change display order of all tabs.
- Ability to set position to display tabs (for all pages, forum lists, forum view, ...)

Please follow the installation instructions as noted in README.txt


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