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Method 1: Upgrade to the New Version
You may upgrade to XenForo 1.5.2 to fix this issue. You should upgrade as you would to any other release. See further below in this announcement for more details on this release.

Method 2: Install the Patch (for 1.5 Users)

Download the patch zip file attached to the end of this message. It contains 2 files:
  • js/xenforo/xenforo.js
  • js/xenforo/full/xenforo.js
These 2 files should be uploaded to your server, overwriting the existing files of the same names.

Note that with this method there is no outward indication that the patch has been applied. We recommend upgrading if possible.

Other Changes in 1.5.2

In addition to smaller bug fixes, 1.5.2 changes how the link proxy system works. It will no longer attempt to manipulate the URL of the target before it is clicked, instead using a background ajax request to log the click when it happens. This improves accuracy with logging, including successfully logging details that previously weren't logged, and reduces interference with systems that change URLs dynamically (such as inserting affiliate links). However, this may cause add-ons that manipulate the link proxy (such as to show intersitial pages) to no longer function. They will need to be updated to use their own technique for this.

Some of the bugs fixed in 1.5.2 include:
  • Add a "quiet zone" to the QR code shown when enabling two-step verification via an app.
  • Ensure that spam checking is run when editing a thread title.
  • Do not autolink across "[" to prevent problems when a URL is surrounded by something that looks like a BB code.
  • In PHP 5.4+, decode HTML5 entities when converting links to page titles.
  • Ensure that report threads are created even if the content would exceed the maximum message length.
  • Correctly identify a few additional patterns as bounced emails or challenge requests.
  • When sending messages (via conversations) to users, do the autolinking only at the beginning to avoid making unnecessary page title resolution requests.
  • Change the IPv6 information URL to a different, more complete service.
  • Add indication to various administrative user actions to make it clearer when an action has been taken.
See the Resolved Bug Reports forum for further information.

The following templates have had changes:
  • two_step_totp
  • xenforo.css
Where necessary, the merge system within the "Outdated Templates" page should be used to integrate these changes.

Please note that we are now formally recommending that you upgrade to PHP 5.4 or newer. Our intention with XenForo 2.0 is to require PHP 5.4 or newer. If you are running PHP 5.3 or 5.2, you will receive a warning when installing or upgrading XenForo.

All customers with active licenses may now download the new version from the customer area.

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Nhanh quá. Chóng mặt. Ko kịp học cái cũ cái mới đã ra. Nhưng vẫn thấy nhiều bạn dùng xen 1.3.

Minh Đức

làm gì phải chính sửa lại gì đâu??? mình lên xong rồi thì cứ để thế mà. có mất addon đâu
Của mình có chỉnh sửa 1 số thứ và .haccess chmod... lằng nhằng lắm để lúc nào rảnh thì lại lên vậy. Mà cái Tag của nó dùng sao ý nhỉ để tắt cái Xentag của Tinh tế


Mình mới làm quen với xf hơn 1 tuần, đang thử nghiệm trên localhost với phiên bản 1.5.1, mình có sửa đổi theme và thêm code vào một số file .css. Theo mình hiểu khi up lên 1.5.2 thì cần chép đè thư mục xf mới vào thư mục xf cũ. Vậy theme và file.css chỉnh sữa trước đây có bị mất hay không ? Nếu mất thì cách khắc phục như thế nào ?

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