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Today, we have released XenForo Resource Manager 2.0.2, a maintenance release for our resource management add-on. This release primarily targets bug fixes and other small improvements.

Some of the changes include:
  • Update a resource's rating cache when a rating or review is deleted.
  • Link the title of the "Top resources" widget to the full list of resources.
  • Fix the Download button when viewing unapproved resource versions.
  • Add rel="nofollow" to prefix links.
  • Support for uploading an icon when adding a resource, or uploading/deleting an existing icon when editing a resource.
For the full list of bug fixes, see the Resolved Resource Manager bugs forum.

The following public templates have had changes:
  • approval_item_resource_version
  • xfrm_category_add_resource
  • xfrm_resource_edit
  • xfrm_resource_edit_icon
  • xfrm_resource_edit_macros
  • xfrm_resource_list_macros
  • xfrm_widget_top_resources
Where necessary, the merge system within the "outdated templates" page should be used to integrate these changes.

Customers with the appropriate, active license may download XenForo Resource Manager via their customer area.

Download XenForo Resource Manager 2.0.2


XenForo Resource Manager 2.0 requires XenForo 2.0. It is not compatible with XenForo 1.x.


The XenForo Resource Manager can be purchased with a new license via the purchase page or with an existing license via the customer area by clicking the "purchase extras/extensions" link.

Installation and Upgrades

Installation, upgrading, and configuration is covered in the XenForo Resource Manager section of the XenForo 2 manual.

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  • xenforo-resource-manager-2.0.3.rar
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XenForo Resource Manager 2.0.3

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  • xenforo-resource-manager-2.0.3.rar
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